I Never Will (2017)

Director: Rory Owens, Mig Windows

Cast: Jon Cates, Connor Chaney, Aleah Zimmer, Mig Windows

Plot: When he broke his promise to love her forever, she took her own life. Now that she's dead, she'll make sure he keeps the promise, no matter who gets in the way.

Exposed (2016)

Director: Mig Windows

Cast: Helen-Thea Marcus, Jonathan Reeves, Robyn Fichter

Plot: Tension rises when a young model becomes increasingly uncomfortable with a photographer's requests. 

I Know... (2015)

Director: Daniel Rester

Cast: Mig Windows, Taylor Hood

Plot: Adam and Sarah's relationship is put to the test after she makes a certain decision about a pregnancy.

I Never Can (2015)

Director: Mig Windows, Rory Owens

Cast: Jon Cates, Connor Chaney, Kalindi Garcia, Mig Windows

Plot: An  unfaithful young man regrets his promise to  never leave his girlfriend. 

When the Boys Walk In (2014)

Director: Daniel Rester

Cast: Galen Molk, Mig Windows, Taylor Hood, Reece Bredl, Amanda Ginos, Moira Todd, Greyson Back, Ellen Hufft

Plot: Three young male friends, all in different types of relationships in their lives, deal with the reality of their situations over the course of one night. 

The Color of Blue (2014)

Director: Rory Owens

Cast: Mig Windows, Ian Boyd

Plot: A tragic romance occurs in this music video to The Voiceless' song "The Color of Blue."