We are currently in the process of casting our first feature film, "Emma Was Here!" 

Set to shoot in Southern Oregon in May and June of 2018, "Emma Was Here" will tell the story of a terminally ill young woman trying to decide whether or not to end her suffering via Oregon's Death with Dignity act laws. Written by Daniel Rester (who will also direct) this powerful film's script has won numerous awards, and thanks to a successful fundraising campaign through Seed & Spark, we are now bringing it to the screen! 

We are looking to cast the following roles: 

THREE LEADS (all female!)

EMMA (20s) is the title character, and carries most of the film. Open, honest, kind-hearted and caring, Emma’s cancer has left her looking somewhat frail, but her gorgeous self still shines through. (She has one brief, non-sexual scene with nudity.)

COURTNEY (20s) Emma’s little sister. Just went through a rough break-up and is not sure how to handle Emma’s upcoming decision. A bit of a “lost soul,” Courtney is at times distant and at times extremely emotional. 

STAR (20s) One of Emma’s best friends, and a major comic relief. A “jester with a heart of gold,” Star is a free-spirited, sexually empowered, larger-than-life personality, but knows when to tone it down when things get serious.

We’re also looking for…


ELIZABETH (30s-40s, female) The host of a podcast, Elizabeth interviews Emma during a pivotal scene. While respectful and professional, she is not afraid to ask hard-hitting questions. We would love to cast someone with real podcast hosting experience.

SHELBY (20s, male) A charming, somewhat awkward young man who makes a connection with Emma and talks to her about the road ahead. He’s insightful, charismatic, and non-judgmental. (Dancing skills are a plus.)

Payment: $1,000 flat rate for Emma, Courtney and Star. $100 per day for Shelby and Elizabeth

To apply, please send a resume, headshot and a demo reel (if available) to info@row211films.com


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